For the passed few years, I’ve always been on the look-out for blogs that have healthy recipes which are easy to make and yield consistently good results. The following blogs are some of my favorites that I think are worth sharing. Please check them out.

Highly esteemed among health-concious cooks, Angela’s blog is a masterpiece of healthy, delicious food and great photography. All of her recipes are vegan and many are gluten free, but best of all they’re made with wholesome ingredients that are both healthful and easy to find. She has a knack for taking few ingredients and creating something outstanding. Be sure to check out her NYT best-selling cookbook that came out in March 2014. Featuring delicious recipes and full-page color photographs, it’s a work of art and definitely my favorite cookbook that I own. 

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As soon as I discovered this blog, it become a quick favorite. If you’re tired of gummy or dry gluten free baked goods, you need to try some of Cara’s recipes. Gluten-free and vegan, her blog specializes in delicious, decadent baking and “healthifying” old childhood favorites. In her cookbook “Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking“, she features her best recipes. I can proudly tell you that of all her recipes I’ve made, they’re all wonderful. Her recipes play a big part in my good reputation as a gluten-free baker. My family often comments, “This is so good, are you sure this is gluten-free?” Thanks, Cara!

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Another wonderful blog, Allyson creates healthy gluten free, crowd-pleasing recipes. From the handful of her recipe successes I’ve had, it’s a blog that I visit often. Her drool-worthy pictures and simple approach make her recipes irresistible.

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Focusing on both simplicity and variety, the One Ingredient Chef is one of my new favorite blogs. My favorite is the Perfect Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes. He has tons of colorful and summery recipes featuring nutrient-rich veggies and grains.

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